Global Integrate Logistics, Inc.
251 So. Maple Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Tel: (650) 616-8880
Fax: (650) 616-8883
Global Integrate Logistics - GiLogistics has mind in detail as logistics provider.
GiLogistics provide completed logistics from "Door to Door" with mind ensure cost
effective and fastest in transit time. Also GiLogistics offer tailor made to fitted client
best interested work side by side with their own logistics.

GiLogistics offered Air, Sea, Warehouse and Trucking
Air - GiLogistics find most best direct for faster and in-direct for cost saving
Sea - GiLogistics offer most suitable sailing schedule to fit time requirement
Warehouse - GiLogistics provide best in mind to arrange shipment per instruction
Trucking - GiLogistics has it own fleet for dedicated service with on time delivery